Rec Softball Summary




Practices/Games will generally be held twice a week:  one weeknight (Mon-Thurs) a week at 6:15PM and weekend play on Saturdays, with game time varying.   Kindergarten girls play only on Sundays.


The league will divide the teams into the following groups by grade & playing at the following fields:


LEVEL League Field Commissioner
K Tee Ball Coleman, Sycamore Bill Wise
1st, 2nd Junior Sycamore Gil Gallego
3rd, 4th Minor Coleman A and B Steve Yetter
5th, 6th Major Hamilton C Rich McConekey
7th, 8th Senior Coleman A and B, Multi-Town Away Games Steve Bermack


Field addresses and info can be found HERE.

What equipment do I need?  Have a look at our Parent Checklist for a lot of good information.

What size glove should my daughter use?   Please see this page for a guideline to softball glove sizing:

What size bat should my daughter use?   The league has bats for the girls’ use at games and practices, however you may wish to consider purchasing a bat for your daughter for best sizing. For Girls softball, bats be stamped “ASA Approved.”


Age  5-7:             Length 24-26”

Age  8-9:             Length 26-28”

Age 10:               Length 28-29”

Age 11-12:         Length 30-31”

Age 13-14:         Length 31”-32”


What is the travel softball team?

For girls in grades 3-8, there is a travel league.  There are tryouts to participate in this league.  The tryouts are generally held in May.

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